[Herald Review] Ive gives a sneak peek of new album, kicks off first world tour with Seoul gigs

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The first concerts of Ive's "Show What I Have" world tour in Seoul on Saturday and Sunday were more than just the group's first-ever live music gigs since its debut in December 2021.

The shows represented a dream-come-true moment and the realization of the band's biggest goal, which the members set for themselves less than two years ago when they set foot in the music scene.

"It's been a dream to hold a concert. I said during our debut showcase that we wanted to hold a world tour and I'm overjoyed to have achieved that dream in just two years," member Jang Won-young said during a press conference held in Seoul on Sunday. "I also feel grateful that we could meet fans around the world through it," she added.

Standing before a stadium full of fans on the first night of the concert tour Saturday, Ga-eul said she almost burst into tears, mesmerized by the beautiful achievement the team had accomplished together.

"It was during our fan song, 'Shine with Me.' I was looking around at our fans, Dive, in the audience and I felt overwhelmed. I felt that the six of us shared the same emotion then. I almost cried," Ga-eul said during Sunday's press event.

Indeed, the two-and-half-hour run on both nights were an amalgamation of the band's stellar career and an array of unprecedented new wonders unveiled during the show.

Kicking off the night to the roar of Ive's fans was the song "I Am," which fronted the band's iconic first full-length album, "I've Ive." This was followed by a rock re-do of "Royal" and a sizzling rendition of "Blue Blood," which further upped the energy.

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